10 keyboard shortcuts for working quickly with Finder

10 keyboard shortcuts for working quickly with Finder

We continue to get acquainted closer with our Mac and turn it into a song that plays without a hitch. We have already met with the terminal and learned the shortcut keys for convenient and fast work with a mail client. We have another Mac that we use every day? I think this is a Finder, which can also be faster and easier by using shortcut keys.

A new Finder window

If you want to move in Finder, something from one folder to another, you can easily do this by opening a new window in the Finder. Just hit Command (⌘) + N. You can also open a new tab, a combination of Command (⌘) + T.

New folder

A new empty folder in the Finder is created by a combination of Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + N.

Emptying the recycle bin

If you open Finder, the trash can be quickly cleaned with a combination of Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + Delete.

Opening Spotlight

Command (⌘) + Space, and you are ready to search.

To open the folder Utilities

You probably know which apps are in the folder Utilities. So do not delay to get to this folder, open Finder and press Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + U.

To access the Application folder

It’s as easy as open utilities. The combination of Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + A will help you.


Select the files and press Command (⌘) + D to get their duplicates.

Search in the Finder

Any file you can find by using a combination of Command (⌘) + F, which works in most applications.

Settings view files

You can customize how you view files and folders in the Finder, pressing Command (⌘) + J.

Display settings

In the Finder, there are four types of files are displayed. To activate each of the combination keys:

  • Command (⌘) + 1 – grid view
  • Command (⌘) + 2 – display the list
  • Command (⌘) + 3 – displays in column view
  • Command (⌘) + 4 – display mode Cover Flow

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10 keyboard shortcuts for working quickly with Finder

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