2019 maybe iPhone will support Wi-Fi 6

Analyst blaine Curtis from Barclays said that the new iPhone will get support for Wi-Fi 6. This standard also known as 802.11 ax, which is the successor to 802.11 ac.


2019 maybe iPhone will support Wi-Fi 6

The new standard provides a higher data transfer speed, improved performance in challenging condit ions, such as at concerts and sporting events, as well as increased energy efficiency to conserve batteries connected devices. All this is possible with a router with support for 802.11 ax. Such on the market, but in 2019 it is expected more new models with Wi-Fi support 6.

Apple was one of the first companies, which added support for 802.11 ac in their devices, so it is not surprising that the new iPhone will appear in 802.11 ax.


According to rumors, the iPhone model 2019 will support 5G. However, there are opinions that Apple won’t implement this standard, because its performance depends on the operators. Apple always slower added new cellular technology. For example, LTE support appeared first on iPhone 5 in 2012, although other smartphone makers have started to support LTE in late 2010.

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