4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

On Monday at WWDC Apple unveiled the operating system watch OS 3. It has significantly better performance, applications start instantly, optimized navigation thanks to the new dock bar and added new functions to Apple Watch for fitness and health.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

Among other things, watchOS 3 will Breathe app that motivates users every day give time for breathing exercises. The application of the “Activity” you can now publish your results, compare them with the achievements of other and organize competitions. In addition, now to fill in the activity rings can users in wheelchairs.

1. Instant feedback and easy navigation

WatchOS 3 easier to perform common tasks: reply to message to start a workout, go to the next song, etc. When the user presses the side button, you will see a new dock recently closed or selected apps. Directly from the dock, or dial users will immediately open the built-in or third-party applications in which information is already updated and available for viewing. As in iOS, it is enough to slide up the dial to open the new control Point. You can swipe down to open notification Center, or swipe left or right to quickly select a different dial.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

2. Health & fitness

WatchOS 3 you can publish your results, compare them with the achievements of others and to arrange competitions with friends, family and even a personal trainer.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

The user receives the notification of the results of friends — filling the circles Activity, completed workouts and achievements. Now about the data Activity you can tell in the Messages. Users can report on their successes, motivate friends and relatives, together with them to enjoy new victories using a new feature the Smart answer, adapted to Activity and Exercise.

Breathe new app motivates users to take short breathing exercises every day. Beautiful soothing visualization and tactile reminders prompt, how to perform breathing exercise that lasts 1-5 minutes. Upon completion the user will see data about your pulse.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

3. New ways of communicating

WatchOS 3 has become even easier to receive messages and respond to them with stickers, handwritten notes, full-screen animation effects and “invisible ink”, which allows you to see the message only when the recipient will hold your finger on it. The Smart Answer is faster and it is now available directly from the message notification. But if you want a more detailed answer, you can use the new recording feature hand — words written with your finger on the Apple Watch, will quickly turn into text.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

SOS watchOS 3 allows people around the world who are in a critical situation, call the emergency services over Wi-Fi or via the iPhone and to notify the person listed as contact in case of emergency, simply by pressing and holding the side button.

4. Dials

Apple Watch became even more personal device: now dials include Minnie mouse, “Activity”, as well as simple digital Numerals. Directly from the dial is available even more apps, including Exercise, Music and Messages. In addition, you can now add a complication to some dials. And use the Watch app on the iPhone it’s even easier to adjust the dials the third party in the gallery Faces Gallery.

4 the main innovations in watchOS 3

watch OS 3 will be available this fall as a free upgrade for the Apple Watch. Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 8.2 or later. WatchKit for watchOS 3 is already available for program participants iOS Developer Program.

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