9.2.1 iOS does not fix the problem with the battery in the iPhone 6s

9.2.1 iOS does not fix the problem with the battery in the iPhone 6s

“Flown” a day and a half ago the update of iOS index 9.2.1 has been a great patch for a wide range of software holes and flaws, also adding the performance of the devices of previous generations. But, as usual, without twists and turns it has not done. In particular, the firmware did not fix fairly significant bug in the iPhone 6s, the dissatisfaction users expressed over many months.

Despite the recognition by programmers of Apple the fact that there are problems, they are incomprehensible to mere mortals reasons not too in a hurry to fix anything. As stated by the owners, many instances of the flagship smartphone, even after the updates continue to suffer from out of nowhere the encountered oddities with displaying the charge level of your battery. However, experts from Cupertino described difficulties in the iPhone 6s did not bother. To avoid possible complications dissatisfied customers were given the instructions strictly to avoid manual configuration of time zone and time, calling such an unusual complication.

However, how to act in case the problem occurs right out of the box, Apple has not told, having referred to insufficient awareness of users and their own guilt last. Let’s hope that pompous iOS update 9.3 will still bring in the system where greater stability.

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