A new app from Microsoft “teach” the color blind distinguish colors

A new app from Microsoft "teach" the color blind distinguish colors


The concept of universal access, allowing people with disabilities along with other use devices running iOS, has long gone beyond a simple adaptation functions. Thanks to Apple, every person deprived of an opportunity to fully utilize your body gets the opportunity to develop, work and be creative. But who said that to benefit people with disabilities are only able to Cupertino?

“Our app helps people with color blindness to perceive those combinations that cannot be perceived by natural features [svetochuvstvitelen receptors], says Tom Overton, senior Microsoft engineer involved in testing Color Binoculars. – Because personally I find it very difficult to distinguish between red and green shades, the algorithm replaces them independently more easily. For example, pink and light green”.

Color Binoculars uses your smartphone camera in real time adapting the image to the viewfinder for more comfortable perception. In the basis of development is a special algorithm read “difficult” colors, beyond the vision of color blind people, which converts them to the most similar characteristics, but different on the color spectrum. In addition to replacing the red and green colors, the application provides several modes of activity, depending on the specific visual anomalies.


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