App for Apple TV will “weigh” more

App for Apple TV will "weigh" more

Apple has increased the maximum size for the application in tvOS (Apple TV) c 200 megabytes to 4 gigabytes. Now developers can place in their programs much more relevant information and data, and users do not need to download gigabytes of additional content after installing the app.

Relevant information appeared on the official website of Apple developers. Earlier for comfortable use resource-intensive apps on Apple TV had to wait until the program loads the required her to work data from the Network. Now many developers are able to opt out: Yes, apps from the App Store will load longer, but after downloading it wouldn’t have to.

Apple also added in tvOS On-Demand Resourses. With its help you can not download certain parts of your application that are not the right user at one time or another. Additional resources are loaded in the background when needed — limit on their size is 20 GB.

In 2015, the company increased the size of apps in the iOS App Store from 2 GB to 4 GB for the first time since the launch of the online store in 2008.

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