Appeared in the App Store app to search for the lost AirPods

Appeared in the App Store app to search for the lost AirPods

The ability to replace lost AirPods headphones new is a great chance for those who are a priori not able to respect their own things. For only US $ 70, you will be given the right or left accessory without forcing you to spend money on the purchase of the complete set. But what about those who do not wish to fork out after another trip to the gym or to visit? Use the application Finder to AirPods, of course.

Despite the availability of embedded processor and various sensors, in Cupertino decided not to AirPods equipped with GPS-module. So expect the application of a miracle is still not supposed to find lost headphones will be based on the principle “hot-cold”. In other words, the program will not indicate the exact location of the gadget and will lead you like a metal detector, informing at the right time about the find. How it works:

  • Download the app Finder to AirPods to your iPhone and restart it in case of loss of one or both earphones;
  • Select the earpad that has been lost;
  • Close the battery case to avoid interference;
  • Move through the area that, presumably, can be accessory;
  • When you come close to the headphones, the smartphone will notify you.

Can the Finder for AirPods to be useful? More likely than not. But only if you have already made a habit not to waste the expensive accessories outside of familiar places. Otherwise trehlitrovuyu program will be 100% meaningless as to detect the exact location of the headphone without the help of the owner it will be not under force.

Title: Finder for Airpods — find your lost Airpods
Publisher/developer: Deucks Pty Ltd
Price: 299 RUB.
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set

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