Apple first argued with analysts

Apple first argued with analysts

Yesterday analysts from a reputable company IDC seems to have decided to Mar Monday top management Apple has released its new report on the market of smart accessories. This news would attract so much attention if the situation is not commented on… the Tim cook, Apple CEO.

In its report, IDC placed Apple Watch only on fourth place with a market share of less than five percent. Analysts say that for the third quarter of 2016, the company shipped only 1.1 million smart watches. For comparison, over the same period last year, the share of Apple accounted for 17.5 percent from 3.9 million units.

Apple first argued with analysts

First place is held by Fitbit, while on the second line, which was previously occupied by Apple, climbed Xiaomi with its Mi Band bracelets. Because, Apple never commented on the Apple Watch sales in terms of quantity, to verify the information analysts is quite difficult.

Here in the game and entered the Tim cook. In a letter to Reuters, Apple CEO said that Apple Watch is now sold better than ever.

Sales are growing at a rapid pace. By the way, for the first week of pre-holiday sales, we are selling more hours than any week in the history of this product. We expect that this quarter will be the best for Apple Watch.

Apple CEO traditionally would not say how much the company has sold its smartwatch, but in fact questioned the IDC study, which claims that the Apple Watch is now experiencing not the best times. But what we should believe is another question. Previously, IDC had caught on the errors when calculating the share of iPad.

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