Apple has blocked the work GrayKey in iOS 12

Forbes reports that Apple has eliminated the vulnerability in iOS 12, which was used by the developers GrayKey for the iPhone. Before that, Apple offered only a partial solution to the problem.

Apple has blocked the work GrayKey in iOS 12

Anonymous sources, Forbes reported that iOS 12 Apple has blocked the work of the box GrayKey, which picked up the password from any iPhone and iPad running on iOS 11. On iOS 12, GrayKey now shows only the size of files in unencrypted folders.

How Apple fixed the error, is unknown. ElcomSoft CEO Vladimir katalov has suggested several options.

I have no idea. This can be everything from improved protection core to more serious restrictions in the configuration settings. The core is the main part of the operating system from which you run the rest of iOS. Configuration profiles usually allow individuals and companies to customize the applications to work on iOS.

About GrayKey became known in March 2018. Box is sold in two versions: for 15 000 and $ 30 000. The guessing code-access takes a few hours, if you set a four digit password. If the iPhone uses a six-digit code, GrayKey will take a few days to guess it.

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