Apple HomeKit — unexpected winner of the CES 2019?

Not participate personally and not making any ads, Apple has managed to hold on CES 2019 one of our best conferences in recent years. All because companies-participants, wanting to improve the intellectual capabilities of their devices, began to use HomeKit.


Apple HomeKit — unexpected winner of the CES 2019?

Voice assistants Assistant Google Alexa and rightly received their portion of glory at the exhibition. But they still could not overshadow Siri, with the help of which the system HomeKit, users can start automatic action in the house. In fact, Apple’s HomeKit won the show 2019, because their products and updates, including integration with HomeKit, presented giants such as Samsung, Sony, LG, GE, Vizio, Belkin, and Arlo, Ikea and TP-Link.

Why companies drew attention to HomeKit


In 2017, Apple has seriously changed the approach to HomeKit. It allowed the products of other companies to join the ecosystem of your smart home by adding some simple code instead of integrating into the device a special chip. Now the producers has become much easier to integrate HomeKit into new products. And with support for old devices is no problem — just need to download the update.

Availability of technology — the advantage of its Creator

Public interest 2019 CES brought news from TP-Link. The company announced that it plans to add to its smart plug Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini support HomeKit and control via voice assistant Siri. Smart plug allows you to turn on and off equipment from anywhere in the house with your smartphone. Accessory is one of the best selling products on Amazon in the category of smart gadgets for the home. As soon as the update HomeKit will appear in early 2019, iPhone owners will be able to test the Siri and the Home.


Apple HomeKit — unexpected winner of the CES 2019?

The fact that HomeKit noticed TP-Link, means that Apple gets ahead of them. Smart plugs may not be the most exciting smart watch, but they are the basis of smart home. Previously, users had to search for a specific fork with support for HomeKit from the list of weak options. Now support plugin Kasa, which employs the device TP-Link HomeKit opens up a sea of possibilities.

Apple is not trying to “be friends” just big and solid devices of smart home. The company wants all the gadgets smart home obeyed the voice of the dictation Siri.


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