Apple is working on creating a mini-camera for Apple Watch 2

Apple is working on creating a mini-camera for Apple Watch 2

The information vacuum around the Apple Watch 2 is gradually filled more and more intriguing and generates guesses the most incredible rumors. But if the timing of the anticipated start of production left no doubt as to their authenticity, the list of innovations innovations still remains a mystery. In addition to the FaceTime camera.

Published less than a day ago patent, the ownership of which belongs to Apple, confirms the plans of the engineers for creating a truly unique PV panel. According to the descriptive part of the patent, the invention is for a miniature lens, the axial length of which does not exceed 2 mm. Having a spherically curved sensor and a set of three lenses and calibrated by means of the software module is capable of implementing wide-angle shooting in high resolution.

Despite the fact that the purpose of the camera has been kept secret, it fits perfectly into the concept of FaceTime via the Apple Watch 2. Yes and a lot of speculation and speculation only confirm the commitment of experts from Cupertino to equip the watch.

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