Apple promised to solve the problem with AirPods

Apple promised to solve the problem with AirPods

On the official support forum Apple continues to grow the branch in which users complain that the headphones AirPods spontaneously disconnected and connected back telephone conversations. In Cupertino acknowledged the existence of problems and promised soon to fix it.

The problem occurs exclusively during telephone conversations and does not manifest itself when listening to music and doing other tasks associated with sound. While suffering from it, judging by the entries in the forum, only the owners of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Also, users were able to establish that there are some problems with the connection AirPods, if iPhone at this point is also connected the Apple Watch. However, the authors MacRumors managed to reproduce this problem and when connected to the bracelet Fitbit Blaze, so there is apparently a conflict when connecting multiple Bluetooth accessories.

Dissociating, and then re-binding AirPods no effect, so all the user has to wait for the decision problem, which promised to prepare the Apple. And you’re using problems connecting wireless headphones from Cupertino?

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