Apple shares rose to a record level

The value of securities of Apple during trading on Monday, updated the current year high amid reports about the suspension of production of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7, according to the auction.


Apple shares rose to a record level

As at 22.00 GMT, shares of Apple on Nasdaq rose in price by 2.21% to $116,58 per share. Thus, the company’s stock price rose above $of 116.5 for the first time since December 10, 2015, marks “RIA Novosti”.

On Monday it became known that Samsung has suspended production of the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 amid reports about the fire of the batteries have been replaced by smartphones this model. According to sources, this measure applies in particular to the factory of Samsung in Vietnam, which is engaged in international deliveries.


Apple shares rose to a record level

Sale Galaxy Note 7 has started in ten countries worldwide on August 19. However, later the company announced the recall of this model of smartphone because of the danger of explosion of the battery. Samsung said it will replace free of charge all the smartphones in the new. However, according to media reports, the smartphones of the new party have the same problems that previously released devices.

In Russia the smartphone was supposed to start selling on August 26, but the opening of sales was postponed to 16 September, and after that indefinitely.


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