Apple will open in the Indonesian Jakarta center for research and development

Apple after China and India, plans to open a center for research and development in Indonesia. It is reported resource Tempo, citing informed sources in the company. Apple is going to win the position on the Indonesian market, where every day there is increasing competition.


Apple will open in the Indonesian Jakarta center for research and development

For Apple Indonesia is a very important direction. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, by 2020, this country will become the fourth largest smartphone market, with annual sales of $1 billion. However, if you believe one of the last decisions, the device sold in the country, should consist of more items of local production.

Information about the new node for Apple in Jakarta followed the plans for the deployment of a similar center in China Beijing and Shenzhen, the company announced as recently as October, during the last visit of cook to the country. The publication reports that in Indonesia, the cupertinos are going to attract talented engineers and programmers to work in its new research center.


By next year, 30% of the smartphones sold in Indonesia must be equipped with local content, including software, and investments. In 2018 this figure will rise to 40%, and currently it is 20%. To be able to sell its phones in Indonesia, Apple to open R&D center, which will allow the company to promote and distribute all devices in the local market.

Apple will open in the Indonesian Jakarta center for research and development

The competitors of Apple will be more difficult to meet the requirements for local content. The fact that here, too, is taken into account, should help the iPhone maker. Also to expand its influence in the country is going Xiaomi. In 2015, Indonesia has the official stores and Lenovo and Samsung. Finally, some other companies that produce smartphones, could find a local firm who have agreed to collect and produce in the country of their device. As for Samsung, in the second quarter, the company had in Indonesia, the largest market share of 26%.


The decision of the Indonesian authorities will help the growth of not only local manufacturers but also developers. In particular, smart phones purchased in Indonesia, should be fitted at least seven pre-installed applications, local production, or 14 games with at least a million active users.

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