At WWDC can show updated iMac16 review

At WWDC can show updated iMac16 review


If a swallow flies low over the ground, it is known to rain. But if the period of delivery of the computers ordered from the online Apple store has suddenly increased, it means that soon this product will receive the update. This time in the center of our attention iMac, which (not counting the top 5K version presented last fall), has not been updated since September 2013.

American buyers drew attention to the fact that when you order the budget 21.5-inch iMac with Intel Core i5 delivery of goods today is not 1, and 3-5 working days. By the way, the situation has affected 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, which customers will now be able to receive not earlier than in 1-2 weeks from date of order.

At WWDC can show updated iMac16 review


If the new version of the iMac announced at WWDC in 2015, it hardly makes sense to expect major changes in design. If Apple decided next leap forward, it would have been timed to coincide with a stunning 27-inch iMac with Retina Display. Therefore, in addition to the inner filling and the emergence of processors Intel Broadwell, is likely to more on what should not count.

It is not excluded that Apple will follow the recent trend and deliver iMac from unnecessary interfaces, leaving only a single USB-C, 12-inch MacBook 2015. Still, the candy bar from Cupertino is also designed for casual users who will only be happy if the iMac will be even more minimalist.

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At WWDC can show updated iMac16 review

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