Battery 7 was not so good?

Battery 7 was not so good?

Apple never ceases to crack up the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus, claiming that it demonstrates the highest rate of battery life among smartphones. How is this the iPhone 7? British organization “Which?” decided to test the battery “sevens” in the field and compare it with competitors.

Tests were pretty simple: the experts took four smartphone (iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 LG G5) and measured how many minutes the device lasted on a single charge of the battery talktime on 3G, and in the mode of surfing the Internet. In both cases, the iPhone 7 has shown the worst result — a comparative infographic can be viewed below.

Battery 7 was not so good?

At first glance, the test looks professional and truthful. About the last question and really not worth it, but the professionalism of “researchers” should be put under a big question. The fact that of all tested smart phones iPhone 7 is the smallest size, and therefore the battery has less. Of course, he worked not as long as others.

Therefore it is necessary to distinguish the truly useful research. Old Nokia will last several weeks on a single charge, but that doesn’t make it a competitor to the iPhone.

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