Best do leak about new Apple?

Best do leak about new Apple?


The September presentation Apple, during which were presented the iPhone 7, I was surprisingly calm and very well could be one of the most boring, if not for two key points. First, a list of upcoming products was published a week before the official event. And, secondly, all information on the flagship appeared in the newly registered Twitter account Apple after just a few minutes after the start of the presentation. Say, coincidence? I don’t think.

According to Benjamin Hordell, co-founder and lead marketing company DXagency, the same tweet just couldn’t be coincidence. “The Internet, as a rule, very susceptible to all sorts of errors and mistakes, — said Hardell. – Is that what happened, you ruined the surprise? Itself. But wasn’t it another surprise, a real leak that captured your imagination? Of course, it was!”.

This error, even if she was alone, perfectly played into the hands of the Apple, causing a flurry of emotions not only the fans, but also seasoned technoblogical and IT-journalists. Price her momentary doubts about the competence of the employees of the company. But what was the effect! News of the leak spread, even far from the world of technology, but very influential media, which attracted additional attention to the announcement and caused the current deficit.


About the incident will quickly be forgotten. Probably already forgotten. But Apple has received due to her attention and hoping for something followers of his microblog.

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