Buy cheap iPhone 7 in Russia today? Easy!

Buy cheap iPhone 7 in Russia today? Easy!


Now, when the hype around the iPhone 7 had died down a little, it would seem that it’s time to run to the store and buy yourself a brand new smartphone. However, there it was: the official Resellers shrug, because new items are still in stock and shipping from the online Apple store will have to wait for at best 2-3 weeks. But why waste time when you can now buy an iPhone 7 at a good price and obtain your smartphone on the same day?

Buy cheap iPhone 7 in Russia today? Easy!


Our partner store, i-Ray, came delivery brand new iPhone 7 models A1660, one of two that served in Russia. But most importantly — the prices are much lowerthan in the online Apple store and Resellers.

So, for example, buy the iPhone 7 on a 32 GB can for 52 999 rubles instead of 56 990 rubles on the Apple website. The difference to the version with 128 GB more — six thousand rubles (59 999 rubles instead of the 65 990 rubles). But an iPhone 7 with 256 GB of internal memory can be bought for 65 999 rubles! Still matte black. For comparison, in the official store he is 74 990 rubles. That is, the cost of the device to 128GB at the Apple online store you get a version with doubled memory. Delivery on the same or next day.

Remember, all smartphones are covered by the official warranty from Apple. And if you say when you purchase that from AppleInsider.ruwill receive a gift from a safety glass. I advise you to hurry, because at these prices for iPhone 7 sold like hot cakes.


Buy cheap iPhone 7 in Russia today? Easy!

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