Can Apple outdo itself?

Can Apple outdo itself?


The following financial report of Apple Inc., during which Tim cook will talk about the success of his patrimony over the last quarter, will be held tomorrow. Like all events before it, the upcoming conference promises to be at least boring because of rather shaky position of the company and CEO of obvious mistakes. Whether in Cupertino to regain the trust of investors or lose him completely, understood

The estimated size of the company’s revenue, according to preliminary forecasts of analysts, will be around 76 to 78 billion vs $ 75.9 billion a year earlier. Whatever is above this amount, will mark the end of the financial downturn and, of course, will strengthen the company’s position in the stock market. Such an outcome seems the least likely for several reasons.

Can Apple outdo itself?


First, the average cost of the iPhone, despite the local successes of some of the models worked tirelessly down, providing the company with the title of a novice outsider. The litmus test of a fragile Apple made the latest report Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, reporting about a fifty percent rise in net profit against the background of recent upheavals with the Galaxy Note 7.

Can Apple outdo itself?

Secondly, the position of the Mac in the computer market also leaves much to be desired. According to the research data, at the end of 2016 Apple ranked only fifth place in the ranking of the most popular manufacturers. This resulted in a reduction of demand on your Mac, whose share in less than 12 months decreased by almost 6%. Will the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to keep the line afloat, it is hard to say. Most likely, their sales still are insufficient to ensure that the company chose to make them public.


Third, Apple has done nothing to turn the Apple Watch into a real gadget of discharge masthev Upgrade hours the second modification was so minor for most consumers that reports of positive dynamics are absent, and the number of users of the debut version, moved to the new, does not appear in the reports in any one of the many consulting firms. In addition, Cupertino has taken the decision to close the chain of boutiques selling the Apple Watch.

But everything is so bad? Actually Apple still remains the main competitor for most companies, covering several market niches. One of its most important products, is experiencing constant growth, is Apple Music. At the moment the number of active subscribers of the service exceeds twenty-million-dollar mark and is not going to stop. The positive dynamics of the Apple Music provides a continuous replenishment of the repertoire, and the ability to choose the most suitable subscription type – regular or preferential.

In addition to services in Cupertino give a lot of value really smart wearable technology. Two years spent on the development and design were not in vain and resulted in the project AirPods, which is less than a month bitten off 26% from sales of wireless headphones that were implemented during the December holidays. However, despite the fact that to do the same thing no one has been able to draw any conclusions on the basis of the available data is premature.

What do you think will be this quarter for Apple? Share your opinion in the comments.

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