Can Nokia to challenge iPhone?

Next year, Nokia received a hefty slap in the face from Apple, and then destroyed by ruthless managers Microsoft apparently has something deeply personal to all smartphones in the world, promises to provide us with new smartphones. Return of the legends is scheduled for March 2017. Will the gadgets of the Finnish company to challenge the iPhone? Explorer Life believes that the new Nokia is able to compete in the market by Apple.


Can Nokia to challenge iPhone?


What we don’t like in iPhone? First, was somewhat despondent division Jonathan Ive, starting with the 6th model, the design has not fundamentally changed, and the forthcoming “eight”, which promise to make the whole glass in the first place will be the “star” service centers and producers of “bumpers”. The “Apple” platform is used, not all owners of Apple in Russia. Because this platform be nice to buy another iPad and a MacBook and the stationary Mac. People willing to spend under half a million dollars on this beauty, we do not say that much.


Or Android here, or rather not the axle itself as such, because no matter how disgusting Google with its ugly and slanting interfaces, it still works and contributes to the proliferation of smartphones around the world as a whole. But these smartphones. About weapons say that if it is ugly, and the sense of it is not. Just look at the ultra-modern US destroyer “Zumvolt” he handsome tug to move, it seems, is not going to. What’s the matter? Not primarily in engines, and of course, his transcendent ugliness. With smartphones similar story. You assume, became the happy owner of Samsung or LG, or Meizu, or Xiaomi. Not disgusted by this chrome plastic in the hands to hold? Just honestly answer the question, not me. Here in my hands a smartphone that shines even more cheap chrome and gold than the Chinese toys from the 90s, how did I come to that, where you took a wrong turn?

Free Android producers played him a bad joke, it can be put on anything, and this anything is not too good impact on the image of the platform itself. Here iOS don’t get put, it is rigidly tied to Apple.

Where to go the unfortunate consumer, isguestuser hands all sparkly ugly Asian Android and does not want to be convicted of necrophilia, proving to everyone that operating systems from Microsoft and Blackberry relevant in 2016?


And now, being surrounded by ugliness and banality, we finally get a chance for a fresh breath of air, sorry for pathos.

Can Nokia to challenge iPhone?

tablet Nokia

Let us be optimistic. First, Nokia is better than many others can make of iron, and two flagship, which the Finns promise to present next year, will be made of steel and glass. Well, we hope that of steel. Don’t know about you, but my mantra about aviation aluminum teeth on edge, I want to shout, “Stop wasting unfortunate aluminium on nonsense! Do planes, since they do not give a rest”.

Secondly, it is also important. Whatever it was now, but seriously work with the operating system started by Finnish craftsmen, not the Americans or the Koreans and the Finns from Nokia and Swedes from Ericsson. No, well there were of course, Palm OS and something else, but they don’t count. In General, the guys from Nokia can, I believe, to create a wrapper for Android, which will not instantly trigger a storm of negative emotions, from bewilderment and disgust to sincere hatred and rage.

Finally, the third but not least important argument. You go out into the yard, and you are the cars: Ford, SsangYong, Lifan and Volvo. You — for purity of experiment — a healthy, sane, reasonable people. Your family is not threatened with murder if you do not buy “Chinese”, your dog will not eat if you do not select the “Korean”, nobody will send to your country the pond the US Sixth fleet, if you will not choose “American”. Now make your choice.

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