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For technology Apple invented the world and sold millions of different accessories: from rags to screen, ending with gold covers. But how to choose what you want for you? In this section we publish reviews and articles that are sure to help you with the selection, the most interesting, unusual, high-quality and useful accessories for your favorite i-gadgets.

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Roland introduced a mobile mixer for iOS

Today for many devices running iOS were replaced by computers. With some simple tasks they handle it much better. It’s time to move on to more advanced things, and that our iPhone and iPad will help the...

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AirPods can be charged even faster?

One of the main advantages AirPods before analogues combined with compactness and ease of operation is considered to be their autonomy. As shown, these headphones can work up to six hours of continuous playback and still the...

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How long AirPods can work really?

Disappointment new clothes, especially the long-awaited, it is not unusual for many of us. Remember how he was shocked by the autonomy of the touchscreen smartphone, which is moved with nokievskoy dialer in the distant 2009. Much...