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Financial information, corporate news, analytics, forecasts, charts, curves – everything that is connected with the work of gray-collar workers in the offices of Apple, you’ll find in this column. We also offer a variety of positions with respect to the analysts of technological market trends and prospects related to the activities of its key players.

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The PC market is dead. Long live the Mac!

Lately in the endless flow of negative forecasts and news that Apple are sometimes difficult to find something that will show your Corporation best. Fortunately, the analysts from Gartner in their research do not rely on empty...

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Tim cook salary cut for failing to plan sales

Investors Of Apple Inc. took the decision to reduce salaries CEO Tim cook 15% from last year. The relevant information over the weekend shared edition of the WSJ. According to confirmed reports, the reason for this was...

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This patent Apple deserves our attention

For that year, analysts have attributed Apple wireless charging in the iPhone and iPad, and the company has not decided on the introduction of this technology. But not because engineers don’t think about it: the appropriate patents...

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How much should it cost Super Mario Run?

As it became known yesterday, a new game Super Mario Run downloaded tens of millions of people in just the first four days of release. It would seem that this very much, it even broke the record...