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Apple TV – this is one of the most promising products of Apple, which, according to many, did not realize even the minimum of its potential. Keep up with the development of this product, and share their thoughts on how to most effectively put him in his living room. The latest information about Apple TV


App for Apple TV will “weigh” more

Apple has increased the maximum size for the application in tvOS (Apple TV) c 200 megabytes to 4 gigabytes. Now developers can place in their programs much more relevant information and data, and users do not need...


Minecraft for Apple TV is available for download

The cult game Minecraft available on the majority of platforms, finally came out in a version for Apple TV. With the corresponding statement was made by the representatives of Mojang, engaged in the development and promotion of...


The Apple TV appeared links

Are there apps for Apple TV fourth generation? Yes, there are, and they deserve attention. But up to this point was not easy to draw on, it’s the most attention. The fact that it is only now...


Apple has revolutionized television. Again

Speaking about Apple TV, saying that it was an incredible product, Tim cook mentioned the 8,000 apps available for the console, and about 1600 applications for content providers. And then we were given new service. The scene...


iPhone even closer “friends” with tvOS

Thanks to an updated notifications system in iOS 10, users can now more effectively interact with apps directly from the lock screen. One of the most useful examples of implementation of this innovation was the application Apple...