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Apple fixed a critical error Apple TV

It seems that along with the bug that allows to bypass the passcode in iOS 9.3.1, and Apple fixed the problem with my set top box. As reported by our readers, the problem with displaying purchased

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Fresh beta gave Apple TV new features

Fourth generation set top box Apple TV has pleased many of us in Cupertino are not asleep, and continue to supply their product with new and interesting functions. Unfortunately, at the moment they are only available for...

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“Apple Rus” to our apps for Apple TV

If you know anything about the design, and like Apple, it looks like you found your dream job. Actually, the geographical location of the office is also going to make you happy. On the official Apple website...

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Jailbreak for Apple TV 4 is delayed

Despite the statement of a team of hackers Pangu Team that the jailbreak for the new generation of Apple TV will be released very soon, yet fans to dig deeper into the program code of the set...

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4 Apple TV first got jailbreak

As promised earlier, the Chinese team of hackers Pangu have released the first ever tool to jailbreak the fourth-generation Apple TV. But if you think that after this procedure, you will immediately be able to run on...

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[Video] Learn how to kiss with Apple TV

Recently Apple delights us with creative and interesting advertisements, which, though not put in one row with the landmark “1984”, but praise is still possible. This time in the attention of advertisers is once again the Apple...