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Apple Watch – smart watch that Apple introduced in September 2014. The device is able to monitor the performance of health user support Siri and can function as a companion device to the iOS gadgets 8.

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Why you should upgrade to 3.1 watchOS

Early last week Apple rolled out another selection of software updates for each product line. In spite of the alleged importance of the updates, really interesting turned out to be only the iOS version 10.1, adding the...

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How else could be called Apple Watch Nike+

Our colleagues from 9to5Mac readers noticed a reference to a previously unknown models from Apple. On the Apple websites for different countries found references to Apple Watch Victory. Immediately there were a lot of theories about what...

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As Apple fights with Samsung at the Olympics

Apple is not an official sponsor of the Olympic games in Rio. Samsung is not the first year sponsoring the games, and this year, she released Galaxy S7 edge Olympics Games edition, which strongly promote the athletes....

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5 innovations required Apple Watch 2

The convenience and comfort of use of the Apple Watch, ruling the roost in the market of wearable electronics for almost two years, still haunt opponents of the concept of “smart” hours. While expressing his opinion about...