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Apple Music expands the horizons

It seems that Apple has truly grandiose plans for their streaming service of music. The company goes far beyond iOS and iTunes and a rapidly increasing user mass. Today Apple Music will be available for wireless speaker...


Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta 3

On Monday Apple issued on-mountain new beta version of its proprietary mobile OS. This time this is the third test build of iOS number 9.3, in which, in addition to various fixes, new interesting functions. As usual,...


How to get rid of pesky iPhone

Probably many of you faced with an unusual warning about the cancellation — as a rule, when typing. And they appear when you accidentally shake the iPhone, and sometimes can be very annoying. This is not a...


Why iOS users happier than Android owners

You can endlessly hate Android, Windows Phone mock or to mourn about the long defunct Symbian, but I think many of you will agree that mobile operating system from Cupertino is far from perfect. Manifested at the...


Missing AirDrop? There is a way to get it back

AirDrop is very convenient when you want to transfer file from iPhone to another iOS device or Mac computer. Yes, it works through time, but this is a disadvantages of both operating systems. However, some users may...


Taksik lowers rates for the trip!

How cheap and convenient way to get from point A to point B? Our regular readers know — with the app “Taksik”, which is available for iPhone and iPad. Now traveling with this service become even more...