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How to turn a 16-Gigabyte iPhone 128 GB

Today the basic version of the iPhone 6s with 16 GB of memory costs around 57 000 rubles, and the top-end 128-Gigabyte — 75 000 rubles. Thus, if you want to get 128 GB of storage, you...


[Design] Collect iPhone of your dreams

If you believe the rumors, this year we have three new iPhone models that will be required to satisfy any and every pocket. In our new test, we invite you to share your thoughts on what should...


Why do you need four-inch iPhone

What is the diagonal of the screen of the iPhone is the best? Everyone will answer this question differently. But if you think that almost everything will perform for 4.7-5 inches, it does not. Apple never says...


As in Apple will increase iPhone sales

Sad prediction Tim cook about the expected drop in sales of the iPhone may be standard market practice before really breakthrough innovations. It is assumed that all costs from the lost interest of consumers more than compensates...


As an iPhone “kill” sales of the iPad

Sales of tablet computers, quite a significant part of which is the iPad, leave much to be desired. Causes of stagnation of the market a lot and all true, but Apple believe that this question played a...


What else will Apple get the iPhone 7?

You are curious to know what the design of the iPhone 7? Personally, I noticed a complete lack of interest in this. Is it possible now to do something completely new, unusual, something that we haven’t seen...