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#macOS |Receive files via Bluetooth

Wireless technologies have become ingrained in our lives, and their application has become largely intuitive. Sometimes, however, things are not so simple, and intuitive you have to sacrifice for the sake of reliability. One of such cases,...


How to speed up your Mac keyboard

When you learn about the existence of such hacking, a sense of joy sometimes complemented by annoyance about why such functions are not included by default, and must with magnifying glass in hand to find in the...


New malware deceives the simple OS X users

Thomas reed, a leading researcher at Malwarebytes have discovered a previously unknown malware on a rogue page hosted on the website of the app Advanced Mac Cleaner. Malware designed for users who understand electronics better than our...


Apple Pay will come to Russia in autumn

From time to time in the Western news agencies there are news that Apple enters into new agreements with banks about using Apple Pay technology for fast purchases. In September of this year, this decision will work...