Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me

We all used to pretend that mobile games are expensive ports of games from older platforms, from the original (highly original) mobile projects and some high-profile series, widely known within the small screen. That over all these ruled the hegemony taymkillerov, slot games, single-button farms and other horror, we tend to forget – and partly true, because all this nasty weight not worth any attention. But sometimes it happens that from the bottom of the swim mill. In this case, we talk about the opportunity itself, it would seem that the lowest form of gaming existence.


Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me

Dead Runner is different from colleagues in the genre of one fundamental thing – it’s not silly-hysterical game about candy wrappers, special effects and teenagers running with hairstyles of Chop-Chop, this is the real horror, cast into the digital code of the things that are good, had to go in a different genre. But it did not happen – turned runner. But also the bread, after all.

Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me


The history of the game, but something to think about: in particular, it is obvious that you are trapped somewhere in a wrong place: around the forest, dark and scary. Next to the hut, she POPs some hellish creature and you, against all the laws of horror, beginning to run. Run very fast, because it’s the only way to save his own skin. Actually, here begins the game itself.

Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me

You are, flying past the trees, tombstones, cemetery fence, signs and huge houses and small houses, which clearly does not live the friendly family of loggers. To not hit my head once the pine, just enough to maneuver: left, right. However, sooner or later the tempo will go astray – you do not calculate forces, you’ll go to the post, and you will find that the worst thing that invisibly galloping behind. Then the game will calculate the result (the number of passed meters), and will offer again – well, you want to be saved, right?


Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me

Say that to escape from the terrible forest still possible. But even if you once succeed, you first several thousand times we push past another burning cross. Anyway, as you might guess, the main attraction Dead Runner – in the entourage. As a runner game and a normal, perhaps even primitive, but the look that sets it apart from the crowd. Here’s the creepy thing: just remember the “Blair Witch” and other horror: around the boundless branch of the terror, and no one will help. And breathing down my neck hellish creature with a pitted face.

Dead Runner – Inner Evil: run away from me

Well, or you can breathe in the back of a frightened little people. Yes, you can climb on the other side of the fence, and feel like a hunter – mechanics essentially the same, but the horror of what is happening works for you. True – the vicissitudes of shareware format, to beat the villain, you will either have to collect the cards from the chests, or simply buy a hero for real money. Not everyone would, of course, is that the first thing that (especially) the second.

And so, Dead Runner is a good runner with a cool (and unexpected!) the atmosphere, which is pretty distracting from the overall series of the usual brightly-silly games. If you want not just to kill time, but to tickle your nerves – you know where to go.

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