Depletes quickly iPhone? You can help him

Depletes quickly iPhone? You can help him


After the release of iOS 9, many could notice a decrease in battery life of iOS devices. And if the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is not too critical, then the “fives” and older devices to lag and bugs are problems with the battery. We spent some time looking for the root cause of a reduction in Autonomous work on the iPhone 5s, and the search was unsuccessful.

That the tools determine the user’s location is not the most favorable way affect the battery of the gadget, many of you know. But disable location services or prohibit its use by applications is not an option: you probably occasionally use maps, navigators, social networks and other programs that monitor the location.


But to minimize the impact of geolocation on the battery is quite possible. So, for example, is to turn off “Frequently visited places” — they with unusual frequency use location. If you don’t have memory problems, you and without this feature will remember where ever been over the last month.

Another candidate for the disable — routing and traffic. Throughout the day, the smartphone analyzes the traffic and your location to determine the best route (e.g. from work to home) and calculate the travel time.

Depletes quickly iPhone? You can help him Depletes quickly iPhone? You can help him


These services most often applied to the location of the device and during the day reduced the level of battery charge. It’s the same, you can add a “Popular area” — have you ever used it?

So if you are too unhappy, how many “lives” your iPhone, start the geolocation.

Depletes quickly iPhone? You can help him

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