[Dev Story] Andrushina puzzles: fabulous Derevnya review

[Dev Story] Andrushina puzzles: fabulous Derevnya review


We wrote the application developer “Andrushina tales”

In this brief review I want to share with You the history of the development of children’s educational apps. Their mistakes and implemented ideas. I hope this article will benefit the novice developers.

How did the idea? Like many parents, happy “owners” are actively discovering the world of Chad, at one point I seriously pondered the value of the tablet as a tool for simultaneous entertainment and child development.


The easiest way to entertain the child with the help of this device is to pump up on his cartoons. But in this case, the child receives only entertainment, giving parents a few tens of minutes of free time on the plane/train/queue in the clinic. The first educational app for kids colleague advised me. Will drop the name of it here, except to say that it is very popular and, by and large, is “advanced to the next level puzzle”. Then I thought to create something like I will not be easy. I naively thought that can take on all areas of development except for the artist’s work. The programming experience I have. Though modest, but some popular book on the development on iOS very convincingly promised me that everything will turn out.

Had to buy a Macbook and start to gnaw the books on Xcode. These books has taken away a lot of precious time and so many working young father, and as it turned out, a little something given without the relevant experience. This was my first and biggest mistake.

Second mistake — I wanted to create something comprehensive, most useful and original. But it is impossible to grasp the immensity, and you need to clearly understand the scope of work and set the trim points, or the writing of the technical project turns into an endless appending, and overwriting. Perfectionism is good, but you need to limit yourself to a pre-established time frame. Otherwise, the project turns into something uncontrollable and most likely will end up collecting dust on a shelf unimplemented ideas.


I would like to touch on planning. Here I recommend to find a reasonable balance between detail prescribed by the paragraphs of schedule c of rigid deadlines and time developing/ updating graphics. I love to plot, but are very worried when the next deadline is violated (no matter whose fault it was — all hands on deck at my regular job or suddenly disappeared for two weeks a freelancer). The choice is yours. My opinion is that in such projects only need to set key milestones and monitor the work of the performers. Do not be afraid to move these milestones.

Let’s go back yet to the application. As you know, is an educational app for kids of preschool age. The purpose is to develop children’s imagination, logic, perception colors, sounds, first counting skills and matching items. The application consists of two sections, 14 unique scenarios, each of which is essentially a separate game with its functionality.

[Dev Story] Andrushina puzzles: fabulous Derevnya review

Scenarios drawn by a professional artist and loving mother. Development was done by an experienced programmer (and father of two children). Voice a real boy. By the way, with a speaker we had a very interesting history. Development was delayed and at the last moment had to rewrite a few sentences. The boy began voice broke. Helped his younger brother, who also brilliantly coped with the task. The difference in votes is almost negligible.

The whole team managed to find via one of the popular freelancing website. Attempts to find through a friend turned out to be a waste of time. Easier to work on a contractual basis with the professionals. The rates of freelancers can vary greatly. So among programmers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus a lot of professionals with a solid portfolio of projects. They often work with Western customers who are willing to pay for high stakes. With some patience, you can find programmers with more affordable rates.

[Dev Story] Andrushina puzzles: fabulous Derevnya review

On the promotion of the application in detail will not, in electronic spaces much written on this subject. Key channels are traditionally considered to be social networks and thematic portals and forums. Let me emphasize that competent promotion in our time no less important than interesting content.

Despite the popularity of the format freemium (free or a symbolic amount for the basic functionality and a more substantial amount for the full version), I settled on the simplest version of monetization — one time fee by purchasing the app. Just because freemium many annoying because carries with it an element of dishonesty from the buyer. Why do we need the negative emotions of the user, if we strive for long term relationships?

I hope my article was useful for novice developers, which I want of inspiration in the search for new ideas, motivation and perseverance in their implementation. Ready to answer Your questions on the support page of the application.

Title: Andrushina puzzles
Publisher/developer: Denis Alyshev
Price: 119 roubles
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPad
Application already interested in:
143 human
Reference: Install

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