Don’t panic: the difference between processors iPhone 6s can pranevich review

Don't panic: the difference between processors iPhone 6s can pranevich review

If you carefully (or even not) follow the events around the Apple, surely you know: the same components in its products, often manufactured by different vendors. In the case of iPhone 6s attention was attracted by a A9 processor, two versions of which have different effects on the autonomy of the device. However, as is usually the case, it turned out a little easier.

Remember, when you activate your device for iOS system wondered whether to send her to the Apple of the statistical information? Now, this anonymous collection very useful: thus in Cupertino receives information about the use of gadgets in real life, which strikingly distinguishes them from obtained by the simulation in the tests. Of course, the better.
According to the resource TechCrunch, the representative of “Apple” Corporation was informed that the difference in battery life with iPhone 6s CPU from Samsung and TSMC is not more than three percent. It may seem trite, this value is within manufacturing tolerances not only for components of different vendors, but even between different instances of identical devices. In other words, two devices in store may differ on the notorious three per cent.

Each chip in our device corresponds to the high Apple standards and provides maximum performance for him, and autonomy, — said the representative. Methods of test referred to, is subjected to the technique of high load for too long and did not reflect real usage scenarios. This is an inaccurate way of measuring autonomy, and according to statistics from our users, the difference does not exceed 2-3 percent.

Most likely, in this, as in many other cases, there is the familiar problem of excessive attention to Apple products. There is hardly a lot of examples such scruples when it comes to competing devices, components of which may have far more serious problems – to recall previously presented us with the history of Qualcomm. But the partnership with Samsung, the current scandal may be relevant: judging by the reference to TSMC, Apple is trying to reduce its dependence on its main competitor, and the hype around the “defective” chips will only justify these actions to the public and will fit perfectly for the role of reason to search for new partners. Or a new argument in financial negotiations with Samsung.

Don't panic: the difference between processors iPhone 6s can pranevich review

For this reason, an interesting reaction from the Korean manufacturer, clearly not wishing to lose a major customer. Will the Seoul to offer Cupertino favorable terms, or be able to start production of a higher quality than the competition, product – time will tell. In any case, to talk about the transition to exclusive cooperation with TSMC, in my opinion, a little premature, because its capacity is hardly enough to meet the growing demand for the iPhone. However, if the relationship with the Koreans will continue to deteriorate, the scenario of a gradual rejection of their services looks quite realistic.

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