Eight Russian banks, including “Alfa-Bank”, “Tinkoff Bank” and “VTB 24”, hooked up Apple Pay

From November 1 to pay with a payment system, Apple Pay became available to customers of eight Russian banks: “Alfa-Bank”, “VTB 24”, “Discovery” (along with “Rocketbank” and “Dot”), “Raiffeisen”, “Tinkoff”, MDM (“Bin”, Ubank), “MTS Bank” and Bank “St.-Petersburg”. Later in November also will support the Bank “Russian Standard”.

Eight Russian banks, including "Alfa-Bank", "Tinkoff Bank" and "VTB 24", hooked up Apple Pay

4 Oct 2016, support the payment system appeared among the customers of “Sberbank”. From 1 November Apple Pay to support nine Russian banks and payment system “Yandex.Money.” Payment service Apple is working in Russia, only with Mastercard. Have a Visa, according to reports, have not finished testing tokenization technology, which, however, is in the final stage. It is possible that the announcement of support of Bank cards of this system will take place in November.

Alfa-Bank project connect Apple Pay took several months. It was the work of two teams — a team of specialists for processing and the command “the alpha-mobile”. Deputy Chairman of Board of Bank “Saint Petersburg” said that since the opening of the Apple Pay project until the completion of the certification the past 3 months. The Tinkoff technical work also took several months. It is performed 3-4 people, including frontend and backend development.

To configure Apple Pay iPhone owners simply add their credit or debit card in the Wallet app. On any device, you can use up to eight cards. To pay using Apple Pay in stores with iPhone SE iPhone 6 and more new models and Apple Watch.

Eight Russian banks, including "Alfa-Bank", "Tinkoff Bank" and "VTB 24", hooked up Apple Pay

Looks like the payment process is as follows: you need to get a smartphone, quickly double-tap the Home button from a locked mode to choose a card (if you have one, you can assign default), press your finger against the scanner Touch ID and hold iPhone to payment terminal. In the case of the Apple Watch, double-click the side button hours. On the account with the money deducted, and out of the car climbs a check. The Internet connection on the mobile device is not required the data exchange with the Bank takes place via the payment terminal.

Apple Pay works when making purchases in the app or in Safari on iPhone 6 and newer, SE iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and more new models. The payment system can be used in Safari on any Mac older than 2012 release of macOS Sierra, while confirming the payment with the iPhone 6 or newer, or directly from Apple Watch.

Apple pay system works “wherever contactless payments are accepted”. We are talking about terminals in shops, cafes and restaurants, which specified one of the icons of contactless payment.

Eight Russian banks, including "Alfa-Bank", "Tinkoff Bank" and "VTB 24", hooked up Apple Pay

The clients of Raiffeisenbank, “Open”, Rocketbank, Alfa-Bank, MDM can connect to Apple Pay for any of their Mastercard card applications banks.

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