FAS and Apple will meet in court on 13 September

FAS and Apple will meet in court on 13 September

The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia has not been willing to back down and stated that on September 13, scheduled a hearing in the case against Apple. If you do not follow the situation, we recall that the Cupertino-based company suspected that mandatory imposed the Russian retailers recommended prices for the iPhone.

Last week, the Russian Supervisory authority announced the initiation of proceedings in respect of the company “eppl Rus”, Apple Holding B. V., Apple Sales Ireland Apple Operations International and Apple Inc. In the case of a guilty plea to the American company, in accordance with article 14.32 of the administrative code, Apple faces a fine in the amount from 1 to 5 million rubles.

Following the investigation, the FAS concluded that with the start of official sales of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on the territory of Russia the majority of Resellers have installed the product is absolutely identical to the prices and kept them for some time. As stated in the statement of service, the reason for this phenomenon lies not in price collusion between retailers, and the pressure from Apple.

As the main evidence in the case appears Apple press release, 28 September 2015, which lists the same prices that were in existence at the time retailers. According to FAS, this indicates that the pricing process from the Russian shops was carried out combining. As the saying goes, stocking up on popcorn and watching how far will this story.

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