First reviews Apple TV: the future of television has arrived

First reviews Apple TV: the future of television has arrived


Apple TV new generation, according to Tim cook, is the future of television. In this we only have to make sure, and now invite you to read what I think about console Western journalists who were lucky enough to meet her.

Walt Mossberg, columnist for Re/code, found a new very attractive device, highlighting its ability to voice control. In his opinion, Apple TV is much better in technical and programmatic terms than Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV. Nevertheless, Mossberg thinks that the lack of Siri integration with most key services and applications is absolutely unacceptable. Instead just relax, users have to “go crazy”, manually typing the movie titles or games.

“I don’t know when Apple is going to reinvent the TV, if it ever happens. But if I chose to buy a streaming media player like this, purchased it, if I promised a lot of applications,” said Mossberg.


Nilay Patel from The Verge was also confused by the existing Siri functionality, which is restricted to search only on some programs. In his opinion, further improvement will help Apple TV to reach the leading positions. And Patel and Mossberg agreed that the current option of logging into streaming services or channels is extremely inconvenient for multiple users. The solution to this problem will significantly affect the comfort of use.

John Paczkowski from BuzzFeed called the new Apple TV definitely has a great potential device. In addition, he noted a very convenient Siri Remote control and it commands like rewind or include subtitles.

David Pogue, the journalist of the edition of Yahoo Tech, said the following:


“Now I understand why Apple was named Apple TV the future of television. It expands the boundaries of conventional TVs, making watching movies is just fantastic. Great role play and applications. The functionality of the iPhone and iPad is now available on the big screen”.

Brian Chen for The New York Times:

“Games on Apple TV is very promising. Remote control with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope can be used as a game controller, and very comfortable. I really liked the game Beat Sport, through which is realized the full potential of Siri Remote”.

The reviews of the first browsers video. We won’t trust their word and check it yourself. Wait for the review of the new Apple TV from in the near future.

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