Five useful jailbreak tweak for iPhone jailbreak

Despite the fact that jailbreak for iOS 12 not out, it is available for earlier versions, including iOS 11. In repositories Cydia tweaks a lot, so we have selected some of the best.



The iPhone X has a new method of unlocking the phone — Face ID. However, it requires that the user made a swipe up from the bottom after face recognition.


AutoUnlockX disables this action and thus to unlock the iPhone X you just need to look at the mobile — on the phone rasplachivaetsya yourself. But this only works if there are unread notifications.



Standard window volume changes have many causes bewilderment. It occupies the Central part of the screen, and usually hides important information.

Five useful jailbreak tweak for iPhone jailbreak

We have already talked about company Ultrasound which replaces the standard volume control on the side of the slider. Melior does the same thing, but unlike Ultrasound, this tweak is free and offers a lot of settings. Users can change the appearance of the window, enable the vibration and adjust the effect of moving the slider.


Five useful jailbreak tweak for iPhone jailbreak

In Instagram there are notifications that cannot be disabled. Such, for example, include notifications about screenshot stories or messages sent to Direct (when you make these screenshots, the person receives notification of your activity). Tweak is blocking these notifications and indications that there is a new message in Direct (icons and banners).

BadgeColors — 80 cents

By default, the number of unread notifications in the applications are shown in red circles on the main screen (Apple calls them labels). Their appearance cannot be changed.

However, the BadgeColors tweak allows to do it. He repaints the stickers in the color of the icon. For example, the labels “Message” will be green and the App Store and Twitter — blue.

IG Video

Have Instagram there is a limit — downloadable videos must not be longer than 60 seconds. Using IG Video this restriction can be circumvented. As confirmation, the developer of the tweak posted a three-minute video in Instagram.

What could be the maximum limit of the length of the video is unknown. What is clear is that a video longer than minutes, in Instagram you can upload.

However, it is worth remembering that it violates the terms of service and Instagram may at any time block the account from using this tweak.

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