Fresh leaked by WikiLeaks makes you wonder

Fresh leaked by WikiLeaks makes you wonder

Journalists continue enthusiastically to study hacked and published on the WikiLeaks correspondence of the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà and, from time to time make mention of our beloved company. This time we want to share with you a letter sent to the Podestà Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson which can not cause issues.

Initially, Jackson Podesto thanks for the “principled and specific position” Hillary Clinton in relation to data encryption and confidentiality of the personal information of users. At the same time she says she shares the concerns of law enforcement about threats to US citizens. The following paragraph should be cited in full:

“Every month thousands of times we also provide information to governments about users and devices on the basis of orders and other forms of legal process. We have a team that responds around the clock to these requests. Strong encryption does not deprive Apple of the ability law enforcement agencies to provide metadata and other very useful categories of information.”

Disclaimer “under orders” relieves some of the supporters of the conspiracy theory from the temptation to blame Apple for the fact that it “merges” the intelligence services of any sensitive data on the first request. Interest is the phrase that the company can access, despite the “strong encryption”. This is in contradiction to the thesis of Tim cook that information into Apple devices is encrypted in such a way that even in Cupertino will not be able to access it. It seems that Tim still mislead us when he talked about it.

On the background of this letter is the recent conflict between Apple and the FBI looks like a carefully orchestrated performance. Although, Apple has refused to create a special backdoor for intelligence services, the smartphone is the “California arrow” to decipher all of this it is possible that very soon proved hired by the FBI to hackers. I hope that someone of the journalists will pay attention to this fact and ask an appropriate question the company’s management.

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