“Heroes: with Fire and Sword”: the MMORPG is back in fashion

Large role-playing games have long ceased to be associated with a marginal pastime, when forced to sit for days at the monitor, because the team went for a RAID and then the other half trying to kill a boss. Now everything is different: MMORPG without problems run on phones that require very little time, even less money, in return for giving a ton of fun. One of those games “Heroes: with Fire and Sword” – entirely updated.


"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

Your story will begin somewhere in the middle of Cardilate – the world is riven by irreconcilable war between the Union of glory and the Fiery Empire. Joining one of the sides, you will find yourself in the middle of time to lose will not. The starting NPC will tell you a couple of tender, outline the situation, and send you into the thick of battle. Squeezer a few introductory missions, you look – who what quests gives what is better to take, and that promise the most profitable and the most complex. A particularly tricky job will help you not only to acquire resources and begin to pump your character. Speaking of pumping – you have several ways to complete. Can become a magician, to fry enemies with spells and curses, and can choose the way of the sword and shield and rely only on physical strength. Of course, it is not forbidden to mix these two beautiful style – so you’ll be more versatile, but less strong in some area.

"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion


Of course, in “Fire and Sword” battle is not limited issued by NPC missions is only the start, the beginning of a long journey. When a little familiar, don’t hesitate to join in PvP you, in the end, the play MMORPG. Can join any team, and together with his comrades to burn the fields of Cardilate – chopped in 4×4, walking together on bosses and even to fight in real battles, where the number of participants reaches up to two hundred players. But don’t forget that membership in the faction, besides certain advantages, entails responsibility – you are responsible not only for themselves but also those guys. But this beautiful and MMORPG, isn’t it?

"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

Boevka in the game plain and simple. You hammer on the buttons, symbolizing the different impacts and opportunities; the opponent does the same. Since the win, most likely, not the one who quickly jabs at the screen, and who better perfomance, you can not bother to include the game itself – the game allows you to do it. If you want to raise the chances of winning, do not forget from time to time to go to the local shop where you can buy, for example, four-legged assistant at a substantial discount. And to exchange real money for local crystals – if you want to get everything at once.


"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

But all this has been – we talked about the basic part of the game, about which, perhaps, you know that. But the thing is that “Fire and Sword” has recently undergone extensive updating, and about him I would like to tell separately. In addition to the light edits (gems, finally, can be drained) there was a large-scale event – the local the Royal rumble, the Champions League. You gather a huge army against the same team, and trying to capture other people’s land. If you’re lucky, will become a champion.

"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

Appeared high-level content now after the hundredth level, life does not end, but rather only the beginning. In particular, before you loomed the opportunity to see open the gates of Hell – to avoid this, collect the drawings of the new armor, and the battle to explore new locations.

"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

Finally, there was an interesting mode – Area Secrets. Its essence is that you find yourself in a prolonged test of a hundred floors, each full of monsters, and in the end you will find boss. But if you defeat enemies, you will be on the floor above; get ten wins in a row and write your name in history! In addition, the game will generously reward you for bravery, courage and military exploits. Overall, a great pastime when you are tired of quests and social battles.

"Heroes: with Fire and Sword": the MMORPG is back in fashion

“Heroes: with Fire and Sword” – same great online characters, to which was fastened a couple of very important things. From a game before-it was hard to break away, but now you have no chance: Karalat will not let go until you give him a few hours.

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