How Apple can improve the AirPods?

How Apple can improve the AirPods?


Despite the careful preparation, launch AirPods went far not as smooth as I would like in the Apple. Delay of supplies caused a lot of rumors about a “wet” product, the company turned to mass criticism and accusations of negligence. But, whatever it was, Cupertino has kept his word, having started selling headphones just in time for the Christmas holidays and in less than a month securing first place in the ranking of manufacturers of wireless accessories. It remains only to bring the gadget to mind.


Brand assistant, based in Cupertino, has become an integral part now of each product, the company could be more responsive and agile when communicating with them through headphones. I’m not a prude, but I don’t want to interrupt the listening of music only in order to add sound. Yes, because the body of the gadget there is not a single key, all operations management, including volume, has to be done with Siri, which is experiencing obvious problems with multitasking.



The second item requests is inextricably linked with the first. The absence of controls on the headphone brings a lot of problems in the daily life of the average user. Why, one wonders, could not add gadget support even a pair of gestures instead of choose a destination the only thing in the settings? I think the gesture to increase the volume or switch tracks would come to the liking of most owners.



Despite the lack of clear positioning as a sports AirPods headphones, mostly to use them will be the athletes. In this regard, suggests another innovation, to do without which is well, not. Water – or, indeed, fotosesija – a real must-have for your accessory, which will be filled later. Now, how did you find peroidically, headphones without any problems can withstand immersion in water and even washing, but resistance to sweat, they obviously wouldn’t hurt.

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