How Apple Pay will help you to succeed in business

How Apple Pay will help you to succeed in business


When a few weeks ago, Russia formally launched Apple Pay, many users immediately rushed to the shops and eateries to experience the new system in action. And although we still difficult to say how this event affected the income of Russian enterprises, overseas statistics can not but cause admiration.

USAT Agency within six months watched one of the American companies, which is engaged in the sale of goods through vending machines and half a year ago posted on its 35 cars logo Apple Pay. As a result, over this period was recorded 135% increase in mobile transactions, and the total number of transactions increased by 44.6%, with total sales growth of 36.5 percent.

“From our study, we conclude that when companies and operators offer their customers a payment using Apple Pay, increases not only the number of mobile transactions, but also payment amounts, said mevi McKenna of Duska, Vice President of USA Technologies.


So if you are a vending business, you know what needs to be done immediately. Make sure that your machines support contactless payments, and drop them a message about the possibility of payment through Apple Pay. Well then don’t be surprised if your sales suddenly increase by 36.5 %.

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