How I “revived” my iPad mini with iOS 983 comment

How I "revived" my iPad mini with iOS 983 comment

I updated my iPad mini first gen to iOS 9 immediately after the official release of the operating system for all users. Why, you ask? Probably wanted to use the capabilities of your device to the max, but in fact everything turned out exactly the opposite. I got a tablet to use which it is almost impossible.

And it’s not that the iPad has become very slow and hang: invalid began to work and many applications (sometimes it is the fault of the developers), had problems with the synchronization of iCloud — in General, if these adventures were not enough. More or less to solve this problem is helped only one way.

The first thing that came to mind — force restart the tablet (a cure for most problems). This method helped, but not for long: just 15 minutes later, history repeated itself. Maybe reset?

Unfortunately, the reset has failed — perhaps because I restored the iPad as a new device. Think of the crazy idea is to download the firmware to your computer and restore the device.

After downloading iOS 9.0.2 for iPad mini I connected it to the computer running iTunes. Was just click on “Restore” while pressing Alt (on OS X), select the firmware and wait for about 10 minutes.

How I "revived" my iPad mini with iOS 983 comment

The test device shown for example

It’s hard to believe, but the iPad mini first generation really found its “second wind” to play, he certainly did not, but was faster at least 2-3 times. The feeling was comparable to, though it still has iOS 7.

One serious lesson was learned — never update to the latest iOS devices, which are several years old. But if you, like me, are in such a situation (judging by our editorial mail, there are many), you can help restore the device.

How I "revived" my iPad mini with iOS 983 comment

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