How influential Steve jobs today?

How influential Steve jobs today?

The vast majority of geniuses have received recognition only after his death. Those who managed to achieve fame during his lifetime, can literally be counted on the fingers. One of them was the revered “Apple” all over the world Steve jobs, whose ideas are not just made the world a better place, but continue to do it until now.

Despite his death, Steve jobs continues to be one of the most respected experts in the field of technology. To such conclusion analysts of the venture capital company First Round Capital after summarizing the poll. According to the results, it turned out that Steve has not lost its popularity and overall ranking is followed by Elon Musk, mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezosa (founder of Amazon).

Save recognition even five years after tragic death, experts believe that jobs made possible by the success of several products released to the market at the time of his reign. Mac computers are one of the most popular devices for work, while earnings from iPhone sales provide a large part of operating profit. It seems that Tim cook has much to ponder.

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