How much Apple earns on the App Store

How much Apple earns on the App Store

Confident while Android takes share from iOS every quarter, Google continues to lag behind the App Store’s payout to developers. A recent report by Apple in the last quarter allowed analysts to accurately calculate the gap online store from Google Play.

WCCFtech edition, citing its own research reports that the App Store brought in last year, twice as much revenue than Google Play. Experts do not give any specific details, but they operate primarily official Apple report that shows record revenue from services of the company of 7.17 billion. The lion’s share of this amount is App Store.

It is noteworthy that every year the difference in the number of apps in the App Store and Google Play increases, and more money still at first. The increase for the year was 18 %, developers was paid more than $ 20 billion in 2016.

The new year has started positively for Apple. January 1, 2017, the users spent in the App Store a record 240 million dollars. In just one day! In December, the total expenditure amounted to three billion dollars.

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