How to activate hidden mode, set one hand on the keyboard iOS

Today, when smartphones have become much bigger than in the days of peak popularity of iPhone 4/4s to enter text while holding a smartphone in one hand, is not so simple. However, as it turned out, at least with iOS 8, Apple experimented with a special mode of operation of the keyboard. In this mode, to the finger it was convenient to get to the characters, the main row of buttons is shifted closer to the palm, and the opposite edge of the screen there is a vertical row of buttons “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste” and “Cancel”.


How to activate hidden mode, set one hand on the keyboard iOS

The appropriate code found in tools Apple developer named Steve Trouton Smith. According to him, the feature is present in iOS for several years. Most likely, the developers have abandoned this idea because it is inaccessible to regular users — you can only find it via the IDE software is Xcode.

In his Twitter Troton-Smith published a piece of code that lets you add a keyboard for one-handed typing on the iPhone. To implement this feature, you will need a smartphone with the installed jailbreak.


Step 1: You will need a device with an established online Cydia store. Open the program and wait for the update repositories.

Step 2: Go to search tab and write in the line Flex 3 or Flex 2.

Step 3: Open the application page and follow the standard procedure of installing the jailbreak package.


Step 4: After installation is complete, find the Cydia package “KB – Enable One-Handed Keyboard”. It activates a special mode for iOS keyboard.

Step 5: Now, just activate it and you’re done. Feature is swipe to the edge of the screen. The band with the offer to enter words remains in place.

How to activate hidden mode, set one hand on the keyboard iOS

Alternatively you can use tweak OneHanded. It is also available for free in the repository BigBoss and essentially does the same thing.

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