How to check whether you can install iOS

How to check whether you can install iOS

October 19, Apple stopped signing iOS 9.3.5 10.0.1 and iOS. One of the first you learned about it on the pages of our website, but not always “opinion” of a particular version of the operating system media coverage, especially on intermediate. How do you know if the Apple welcome to install the desired iOS version?

Standard means Apple does not allow to check this point, since there is a special third-party services. First you need to know the ID number of the device model (like iPhone4,1, iPad 3,2). To this end, we have collected all the rooms of the Apple devices into a single file, which you’ll find at this link.

Then go to this site and search for the desired version of the iOS, corresponding to the identification number of the device. If the version is signed by Apple, in the column “Signing” will indicate “Yes” if not “No”. There you will learn where the operating system became available, and the date of her “opinion”.

Before you download iOS on your iPhone or iPad by using the installation files, always check the version of the operating system for the presence of “signature” from Apple. Otherwise, during installation, iTunes will give an error.

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