How to live stream today’s Apple presentation

How to live stream today's Apple presentation

Many of our regular readers already have plans for tonight. Of course, it is possible to come up with something more interesting than just watching the live broadcast of Apple presentation, but it is better to defer those ideas for another day. Today you need to be where there is Internet, alone or in good company. For a good spectacle meets Tim cook and Apple.

So, you need to be ready by 20 o’clock Moscow time. You need to prepare everything that you might need to view a presentation that can go at least an hour. Should take care of the drinks. But most importantly, you should care about the broadcast.

We will do everything to ensure that you haven’t missed anything. We will conduct a text broadcast to Twitter and on our website. You will also have the opportunity to join the live podcast All the necessary information waiting for you on this link.

If in parallel with our stream you want to see everything that happens on stage in Cupertino, you need this link and a device on iOS 7.0 (or newer versions of iOS), OS X 10.8.5 (or later) with Safari 6.0.5. You can also watch the broadcast on a PC running Windows 10 through Microsoft Edge.

Apple TV owners will also be able to follow the presentation. In the menu of the console icon will appear on the broadcast. To view will need a new fourth-generation Apple TV or the Apple TV second and third generations with a version not lower than 6.2.

Owners of the new consoles will need to install the application Apple Events, if it is not installed. Owners of the Apple TV second and third generation to do nothing, however, if the icon is the live broadcast will not appear on your TV screen, try switching off the console and turn it back on.

Well, if you want to spend the evening with us, we suggest that 19-00 in Moscow to go to a special page translation at this link. We start an hour before the event in Cupertino and we promise you good mood and many pleasant surprises.

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