How to look black iPhone 7, which are without a case

How to look black iPhone 7, which are without a case

Apple decided that their users need glossy black iPhone. However, she hastened to warn them to wear this smartphone is better in the case as the case in the new color will collect on prints and scratches. But there are people who don’t like to carry smartphones in their cases, which like the new sleek design and want to showcase its beauty all around. Our colleague from 9to5Mac just one of those people.

In my own experience Zach Hall found out how to do detrimental for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the color Jet Black or Black Onyx wearing without a cover. He took a few pictures, spoke about his experience and gathered a few photos from a Network other owners of brand new iPhone in glossy black.

How to look black iPhone 7, which are without a case

What can I say. First, the sleek design of the new iPhone perfectly collects fingerprints. They are visible as good as on the screen of any smartphone. Zach Hall acknowledged that in the case of his iPhone 7 Plus he regularly rubs about clothes, not only the screen of the smartphone, but also his body. Surely you will agree that it is stained with fingerprints smartphone looks not very attractive, even if it is a new iPhone in such a remote color.

How to look black iPhone 7, which are without a case

The second thing we wanted to warn Apple is micro-scratches. According to statements of the users, they are already noticeable after a few weeks of using the smartphone without a case. At the same time for scratching is not necessary absolutely nothing. Simply put the smartphone on the table or in the pocket. He’ll find about that scratch its glossy body. Usually scratches visible only under certain angle and in good light, but there are those smartphone users whose devices zatsarapannoy immediately apparent.

How to look black iPhone 7, which are without a case

Finally, the last thing worth mentioning is footprints in the body after falls. None of the smartphone does not like falling down. On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus after a fall on a hard surface will necessarily dent or notch. Remember that even though the body looks like glass, it is made of quite soft aluminium. This aluminium will remind you of yourself, when you drop your smartphone.

It is better to wear the colors in the case. But if so, maybe it is not necessary to chase a new color?

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