How to make a glowing Apple on the iPhone 7 with his own hands [video]

Due to the huge popularity of the iPhone there are many proposals for individual tuning of smartphones. Fairly popular, for example, replacement of case colors. Many users use cases in order to diversify the design of the phone. But today we will talk about a very original, but less common option of making the iPhone more personality.

How to make a glowing Apple on the iPhone 7 with his own hands [video]

We will talk about drawing on the back cover of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus glowing Apple logo. It might be interesting to anyone who wants to make their gadget unique. Especially looks cool luminous Apple on the black models “sevens”.

According to its principle, this tuning thing is not heavy, it is necessary to replace the usual logo on the led and connect it to the circuit screen. Every time someone lights display, the Apple in the back will also be included.

For many, this procedure associated with visits, specialized services, and with a round sum for their work. However, in practice it is much easier. The network has already appeared the sets for “suitable” at home.

About how, in practice, such a modification of the smartphone, you can see with the video below:

This may seem quite simple. However, if you have never disassembled an iPhone, it is necessary to include professionals, otherwise there is a risk to damage the unit.

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