How to save selected text in macOS

Starting with Mac OS 9, the system has a function of Text Clippings, which allows you to quickly save any selected text. In this tutorial we will explain how it works.

How to save selected text in macOS

Text Clippings works on the principle of Drag&Drop. Just select any piece of text in any app and drag it to the desktop or desired folder. The selected text will turn into a full separate file.

The file will be named according to the first words in the text, but you can rename it. In addition, Text Clippings preserves the original formatting of the whole text.

To view the buried text, press the Spacebar, which will open a “Quick view”. Also the text can be opened in a separate window by double-clicking. In this window, you can highlight the text and copy it using the keyboard shortcuts + C.

How to save selected text in macOS

To use buried the text in another application, simply drag it into the desired program. The text will automatically appear on cursor location. A list of applications where you can insert unlimited text. This can be as a text editor, and search Google.

How to save selected text in macOS

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