How to set caller ID on iPhone

Starting with iOS 11, the system is able to automatically recognize spam calls, but it doesn’t always work perfectly. To fix all the shortcomings of iOS, will have to download a special application.

How to set caller ID on iPhone

A third-party application capable of identifying unwanted numbers with its own database. For best effect, you can install multiple applications. In this case, if the numbers will not appear in the same program, it will be able to find another app.

How to enable caller ID in iOS

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Phone” → “Lock and identification challenges”.
  • Activate the switch next to the app (because of the peculiarities of work of iOS, the system may take time to add a new application to this list. The inclusion of applications will also take some time).
  • How to set caller ID on iPhoneDespite the fact that in the App Store a large number of applications for recognition of spam calls, their number is greatly reduced if we discard programmes with a subscription and a small base. There are also applications that require a room to check — here it is at your own risk.

    Of free can you recommend a branded app “Kaspersky Lab” Who Calls from paid — “Who called”. This application does not free possibilities. All functions are available after the payment of the subscription, which costs 299 rubles per month.

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